• group training Group Sessions

    Free. A variety of classes done in a group. For people that like to exercise with a group as they work harder, have fun and socialise at the same time.
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  • personal training program Personal Training

    One-to-one session with a personal trainer. For people that want to be kept motivated, reliable, consistent with their workouts and be challenged. No session is the same. Includes weekly body measurements. + Receive 2 x FREE Personal Training sessions when you join.
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  • personal training at Betty Concina Personalised programs

    Programs written by our trainers cater to clients individual needs and goals. Every client receive a FREE personalised program when they join.
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  • Body analysis Body Analysis

    Get an overview of your fitness and health status. Our body analysis service tests for: Body Fat %, Abdominal Fat %, Hydration levels, Muscle Mass %, Bone Mass% and metabolic age.
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  • betty consina 10 week program 10 Week Transformation

    The 10-week body transformation program includes a mix of all our other programs + Outdoors sessions, weekly reviews with Betty Concina, meal plans, recipes and more. All 10-week programs include Betty's book of recipes, meal plans, testimonials, nutrition information, offers and a body measurements chart.
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  • nutrition at betty concina Nutritionist

    Our nutritionist works closely with you to help achieve your personal goal. For instance fat loss, weight loose, sport specific or to overcome emotional eating. Includes meal plans and Body Analysis Tests.
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Betty Concina Fitness and Nutrition for Women

Betty's team of passionate and dedicated exercise specialists, nutritionists and personal trainers are here to help you achieve your personal goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, fat loss, body sculpting, nutrition, muscle toning, boosting energy levels or core strength, we're here to help you achieve it... View More

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