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10-week Program

10-Week Program Testimonials

10 weeks ago I started this program not realizing how much it would actually change my thoughts, and how I live my life! Preparation really is the key to success.

I find the program is easily adjustable to my lifestyle and my schedule, and I found myself really focusing on those foods on the meal plan that I loved (oranges, yoghurt, and berries!). Betty was always there for advice, food ideas, recipes, motivation, and the odd stern word when required. I actually worked hard not only for myself, but for Betty as well.

  - Sheryn Carroll
10 week program weight loss

Betty’s 10 week challenge has been a very important stage of this weight loss. I had reached a plateau and things were getting harder, with less obvious returns.

Betty’s challenge taught me so much, not just about portions, but also what to eat and when and why it mattered. I had previously got into a habit of only eating when I was hungry. It was certainly a challenge, but I never felt alone. The support from Betty and my fellow challengers has been integral in our success. I have come away not only with a changed body; it's true I felt the transformation, but also knowledge and new friends.

  - Justine McHarg
10 week program for dieting

My experience with the challenge has been quite indeed a challenge. Lucky for me that I had Betty, the team and my daughter Emily to support me. I couldn't have done it without you guys.

Betty’s words are always in the back of my mind and remind me not to forget about the challenge and automatically putting food into my mouth as soon as I see it. I always say at work "no thank you, I won't have the birthday cake/chocolate/cheese/hamburger; Betty will know that I cheat".

  - Pornpid (Toi) White
10 week program with Betty Concina dulwich hill